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Matokäyttöinen biomassan kierrätys

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Everyday in Finland, useful biomass is simply thrown away. Mostly it will end in a landfill. They are not nice to see, cost money, produce tons of gases (methane, CO2) and when all is over, you harvest only mud. Although it is not easy to quantify the exact amount of biomass that is lost, even the most optimistic calculations will range from dozens to hundreds of tons. Every day.

Being a modern worming business, we breed and feed the common European compost worm to produce rich, organic grade fertilizer, commonly known as vermicompost or worm castings. Recycling waste biomass, we reclaim resources that would be otherwise lost. Through the worms’ natural feeding behaviour, the biomass is reduced by 90% in volume and all of the nutrients made available again for growing new crops.

 Properties of worm castings

Vermicompost and its derivatives is known to be the richest organic fertilizer available to both hobby gardeners and professionals. If compared to the average topsoil, the nutritional values range from twice the content of available calcium to eleven times the concentration of potassium. Another advantage, is that almost all of the nutrients (about 97%) are immediately available to the plants.

Several studies were able to prove both nutritional and soil improving qualities of vermicompost. Additionally, if used as worm tea, they protect crops with both fungicide and bactericide effects.

 Application examples

It doesn’t matter if you are only a passionate hobby gardener or a pro. Vermicompost empowers you to grow healthier, tastier and faster!

  • Vegetable and flower growers can add 10 to 20 percent of vermicompost to their planting soil. Beside the increase in available nutrients, vermicompost also retains more water than normal soil. Seedlings will sprout quicker, stems be thicker and leaves form earlier.
  • Farmers can add vermicompost to the soil after plowing and spray worm tea on the sprouts. Optimal nutrition and protection against fungi and parasites through vermicompost!
  • All shrubs and trees in the orchard will profit greatly, if watered with a mix of diluted worm castings or with worm tea.

 Good to know

Unlike industrial fertilizers, you can’t give too much vermicompost, because it won't damage (chemical burn) the root system of your plants . And, thanks to the increased microbial activity (+10 - 20%),  the plants will be able to use more of the nutrients.

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